MAEVE HALLIGAN – Fiddle, vocals



Born in 2003, Maeve started on the violin when she was five years old. Alongside classical violin, she began to play Irish and other folk tunes, and learned traditional Irish fiddle with Sharon Durie of the Cambridge Comhaltas. Having developed her playing with youth projects at Cambridge Folk Festival, Maeve joined the prestigious National Youth Folk Ensemble in 2018, performing at Sidmouth Folk Festival in August 2019. She also plays piano/keyboards and composes her own songs.










A friend of the Halligan family, Lewis is a talented drummer. His skills on the cajon give the band the rhythm that underpins its sound.









AILIS HALLIGAN – Piano, vocals


Maeve’s older sister Ailis began playing piano at the age of 6. She occasionally joins the band on keyboards when home from university.







LIAM HALLIGAN – Guitar, tin whistle, vocals



Liam is considerably older than the other band members. A trained double-bass player, he plays steel-string acoustic for The Hooligans. And a bit of tin whistle.



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